About Us

Mission Statement

Language Adventure is a highly regarded education company that provides language instruction for children. Students learn a World Language through lessons, games, songs and crafts. The program introduces cultural appreciation and global awareness.

Who we are

Language Adventure was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1996.

We offer fun and engaging language classes for preschool and K-6 as well as great materials for students and teachers. Our goal is to encourage lifelong learning by offering a quality foreign language program to students in our local schools.

Our Method

The Language Adventure method of world language learning is a combination immersion and age-appropriate formal learning.

Immersion surrounds students with the language they are learning.

  • Students are constantly exposed to the language they are learning
  • They learn vocabulary and phrases that allow them to follow instructions

and focus on real-life tasks.

Formal learning presents material systematically; this method mimics the way children learn their first language.

  • Listening
  • Imitating
  • Responding Physically
  • Responding Orally
  • Reading
  • Writing

The interactive approach encourages participation and learning.

Students never get bored! 

Culture is an integral part of the Language Adventure curriculum.

  • We learn about traditions and of the countries where the language is spoken that are relevant to the students’ lives. 

Why learn a language?

  • Research indicates that young children are at the optimal age for learning a new language
  • Learning a new language helps improve a student’s academic abilities, especially in geography, reading, writing and cultural understanding
  • Studies have shown that virtually all children can learn a new language, regardless of their performance in other areas

Why Language Adventure? 

We believe that every child can learn a new language

  • Language Adventure partners with schools
  • Our high quality programs are designed to meet the needs of your school or center
  • Setting-up a program is easy!
  • We come to you and start at any time during the school year
  • Language Adventure provides teachers and curriculum
  • We offer classes for preschool and K-6