About Us

Who we are

Language Adventure is a full-service company that teaches children foreign languages. We create tools for teachers and partner with all kinds of schools across the United States. Our goal is to encourage lifelong learning by offering a quality foreign language program to students in our local schools.

For over twenty years, we've been dedicated to exposing children to a new language with cultural respect and global awareness.

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We offer fun and engaging language classes for preschool and K-8.


We publish and sell Spanish and French materials for students and teachers to schools all over the country.

School Partnerships

We partner with charter, private, and public schools, preschools and daycare centers.

Our Story

Language Adventure was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Andrea Szekasy Rojo, bilingual teacher from Argentina and mother of two. While moving to Ann Arbor in the mid-1990s, Andrea saw struggling quality and funding for language instruction in local schools and decided to take on the task herself.

She created a program in Spanish and French and offered classes to a couple of schools. After two years of hard work and dedication our program expanded to 86 schools in 12 school districts, servicing 2500 students and with a staff of 5 regional coordinators and 35 teachers.

Our Method for success

We believe that every child has the ability to learn a new language.


Our program surrounds students with the language they are learning. We use TPR (total physical response) to mimic the way a child acquires his/her first language.

  • Students are constantly exposed to the language.
  • They learn vocabulary and phrases that allow them to follow instructions and focus on real-life tasks.
  • Lessons are presented in meaningful ways and arereinforced with activities including games, songs, and skits.

Formal Learning

Formal learning presents material systematically; this method mimics the way children acquire their first language.

We follow the six natural steps:

  • Listening
  • Imitating
  • Responding physically
  • Responding orally
  • Reading
  • Writing


Culture is an integral part of the Language Adventure curriculum. We strive to prepare students for an increasingly global world.

  • • We expose students to traditions of the countries where the language is spoken that are relevant to their lives.
  • We celebrate important festivities to encourage culture understanding and appreciation.
  • We include geography to create global awareness.

Why learn a language?

Optimal time

Research indicates that young children are at the optimal age for learning a new language.

Improved Academics

Learning a new language helps improve a student’s academic abilities, especially in math, geography, reading, writing and cultural understanding.

Universal ability

Studies have shown that virtually all children can learn a new language, regardless of their performance in other areas.

Experts agree

“Learning a second language later in life is fundamentally different from learning it early in life. It’s very unlikely that anyone can acquire the proficiency of a native speaker without learning the language before puberty.”

-Dr. Joy Hirsch, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Functional MRI Laboratory.

Classes can start at any time during the school year or summer.

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